Repair and Refurb Centre

Our fully equipped workshops are designed to carry out major repairs and to refurbish your old access platforms to ‘good as new’ standards. Our engineers are trained to the highest standards, and they’ve worked on most brands of manufacturers’ products, so rest assured you’re in safe hands.

Our workshop facilities include:

  • 6146 sqm. workshop and yard area
  • Team of skilled access platform engineers
  • 15 tonne and 5 tonne overhead cranes
  • Coded welding and fabrication facility
  • Extensive parts inventory
  • Hose manufacturing

So whether it is a 2m low-level access platform, a 40m rough terrain boom, a vehicle-mounted lift or a tracked boom – we can handle it!


Refurbishments and Rebuilds

Refurbishing your access platforms can give them a new lease of life, improve resale value and rental rates. Through decades of experience we have developed refurbishment standards you can trust.

With fully equipped workshops including overhead cranes as well as in-house welding, fabrication and hose assembly, we can provide a high quality service at competitive prices.

Chain and Rope Inspections

All boom lifts and mast lifts use chains to extend and retract the boom sections – they hold the boom in place when you are in the air, making them an integral and vital part of the machine. We recommend regular chain and rope inspections, including the anchor points and looking for wear and tear or erosion on the chains. Thanks to our investment in vehicle lifts and overhead cranes, we can carry out chain and rope inspections quickly and at prices affordable to you.

Our workshop teams can carry out these inspections on all boom machines, including trailer, track and vehicle-mounted; as well as self-propelled booms, mast lifts and mast booms.

Accident Assessments

Sometimes, despite the best planning, accidents can occur. We understand the difficulties you face in reinstating your equipment (in particular, dealing with your insurance company) so we offer a range of services to make it as painless as possible:

  • Thorough investigation of the equipment and detailed report
  • Comprehensive list of all repair work required to reinstate the equipment to its pre-accident condition, including parts
  • Repair estimate to carry out the required work
  • Pre-accident market value of the equipment
  • Salvage or scrap value if found to be uneconomical to repair


Arrived very early. Well mannered.  Very knowledgeable.  Very efficient.  Most importantly he was helpful.


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